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kids room

Throughout the renovation, we tried to keep true to its original usage and character, though still using the space for church and community services.  From the Fireside Room to the Library, you’ll find the beautiful history of this old home still telling it’s story.

Need more detail?

The Fireside Room is the main gathering room in the house.  The mantle has been updated, and the tiles in front of the fireplace have been replaced with brick.  The Dining Room is used for small meals and small group meetings.  The first floor Study (aka "The Smoking Room"'s a long story!) is used for counseling and as a resource room.  The Kitchen was also remodeled and enlarged to provide more food prep space. Period tiling has been added. The softwood fir flooring throughout the house has been refinished.

Upstairs you will find the Pastor's Study, a Family Room for nursery and childcare , a Library of over 1,000 volumes featuring theological, biblical, and philosophical themes. The "Bird Room" next to the library is also used for small group gatherings and study.  Both levels have 3-season porches for reading, hanging out, and simply sitting and enjoying a view of the yard and woodlands.


Both bathrooms have been updated, with the first floor featuring ADA accessibility, while the second floor bath features a newly renovated 1914 Kohler claw foot tub for emergency housing needs.  

There are a number of other unique features in the house...feel free to look around!

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