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Mission & Vision

the plan: G.E.N.E.S.I.S.

​One purpose, three principles, six practices. We believe the following acrostic captures, in broad strokes, how we might live out our purpose to glorify God to all of creation in all that we do, as we follow Jesus together, by the enabling of the Holy Spirit.

Three Principles

Loving God with our all

Loving others as ourselves 

Making disciples of all nations

One Purpose


Glorifying God -  glorify God in all areas of our lives

Six Practices

Empowering Worship -  love God corporately through our worship

Nurturing the Obedience of Faith - love God individually through trust in Jesus

Engaging Fellowship - love others within the Church

Serving Others - love others outside the Church

International Outreach / Church planting - make disciples globally

Stateside Outreach / Church Planting - make disciples locally

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