BWH Purpose

The Big White House was purchased for the purpose of being a home for Genesis Church and its daily activities, as well as to serve as a place of peace for the community.   We have wireless internet access, and serve tea and coffee for those who want to hang around to study, read, write, pray, or just relax.  

During the week, people gather for studies, prayer, and to just do "life together". Ultimately, we hope that all that is said and done at the Big White House is done in a way that purely reflects our Lord Jesus Christ; in other words, we hope that in all things, God would be glorified.

We hope that this house will be used for living life… a space to find safety in counseling, study, conversation, small groups, and whatever life needs.  Or just a place to have fun and celebrate!

© 2020 by Genesis Church

1246 12th Ave, Coralville, IA 52241

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