Dave and Becky Conrads

Dave serves as pastor of Genesis Church. He is a native Iowan who served at the University of Iowa from 1990–2000. He oversaw the Raptor Center and later founded the University of Iowa Wildlife Camps and School of the Wild. In 1993 he began following Christ. In 2000 he left Iowa for Grand Rapids Theological Seminary (Michigan) where he met Becky, where they both shared a desire to grow in their knowledge of God and the Scriptures, so that they might better represent Him and share Him with others.  

In 2005 they graduated from seminary (Dave - M.Div. in Educational Ministries; Becky - M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies) and moved to the Iowa City area to plant Genesis. In 2013 Dave returned to the university full-time and currently oversees the Outdoor Recreation and Education programs of Recreational Services, as well as the Macbride Nature Recreation Area. Becky is an administrative assistant for Young Life and coordinator of WyldLife (Young LIfe's Junior High program) for Northwest and North Central Junior Highs . They have three children in the Iowa City Community School District (West High, Northwest Junior High, and Kirkwood Elementary)

Jeff Boone

Jeff has spent extensive time in Mexico, Romania and Thailand, and since 2014 has been half-time at Genesis, half-time doing youth work in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.  Since the summer of 2018, primarily due to the growing stresses Jeff has witnessed at the border, he is now working primarily in Juarez/El Paso.  He will still do occasional teaching at Genesis, too and says that "teaching at Genesis is a lot like being a TA in Religious Studies: if we take these texts seriously, if they’re true, how do they implicate us & what doors do they open?"