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BWH History

Built in 1910, this house originally stood on a hill above Coralville surrounded by farmland.  As the city grew, it eventually enveloped the property. It is now a home for Genesis Church and the community!

We are still putting the historical pieces together for this house. The home has been cared for by several families through the decades.  Apparently, the CRANDIC railway would make a stop at the house (now on the east side of 12th Ave), as old photos of a wooden stairway down to the tracks indicate.

In the early 1950's, UI English Professor William Paff bought the residence and raised his family there.  After his retirement in the mid-1970s, he moved away, but kept the house as a summer home.  After the mid-1990s, the home was unoccupied.  After his passing in 2005, his daughters made the home available for sale.  Genesis Church purchased it in April 2007.  After two and a half years of renovations and updates, the church was given official occupancy by the City of Coralville.  On July 4, 2010 we celebrated the house's Grand Opening AND its 100th year!

Genesis is now planning to add a barn to complement the house and to serve the church and the community.  

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